Service Request Instructions - Process Change

All Service Requests are now being directed to RealManage who will coordinate with KLC on your behalf and will respond directly to you.

Please contact RealManage either by email at, by phone at 866-473-2573 or log into the Portal and use the Contact Us Section (select (Other) Other) to submit your request.


Landscape Maintenance in Chateau Woods

Landscape maintenance is provided for the common areas throughout Chateau Woods by the collection of dues and paid by homeowners with the intention of providing a visually single residential community as stated in Section 1.3 of the CC&Rs.  Much of the visual appeal of Chateau Woods is predicated on the joint effort of the Landscape Committee maintaining the common areas and individual homeowners maintaining their private property in a cohesive manner. 

Because your dues paid to the HOA are for common area maintenance, the HOA has the responsibility to prioritize common areas when negotiating landscape maintenance contracts.  All landscape maintenance of private property is the responsibility of the homeowner.  In the past, the Board historically has had funding to provide a minimal level of landscape services to all homeowners to reinforce a visually single residential community. 

Services are based on the approved budget in effect.  


Please refer to the Residence Guide for more details about the common areas and your private property.  . 

Please do not send questions or concerns regarding landscape maintenance to the Chateau Woods email.  All inquiries must be submitted directly to Kirkland Land Care Service via the button above.   

Moles & Voles are running rampant in CW! 

Unfortunately there is no simple method to control them or gophers in lawns. Poisons are too dangerous and smoke devices or flooding the holes and passages are rarely effective. Traps require disposing of the dead animals by the homeowners. Please see the News & Info page for more about wildlife in our area.

Please do not submit a Kirkland Land Care Service Request form to request any type of treatment for mole holes in your yard. KLC will rake the holes over during their mowing service. They will reseed the area in the fall as necessary.

Reminder - No Personal Yard Waste Pick-Up

One of the changes in service, due to the closing of the compost area at Chateau Woods, is the elimination of the weekly pickup of personal clippings and plant debris left by homeowners. The cost for pickup and transport to the Woodinville area dump by all landscaping companies exceeded our allocated landscaping budget.  


As an alternative, we are recommending that homeowners who require personal debris pickup utilize the weekly “compost bin service” provided by Waste Management.


Contact Waste Management at:  866-230-1547

Equality of Service for Equal Dues


Mulch map




As the biggest part of the operating budget it's important that the landscape related decisions and plans are monitored carefully.  To satisfy the the Equality of Service for Equal Dues motto and plan accordingly the Landscape Committee selects all design and maintenance projects for continuity in the neighborhood and to administer fairly the projects developed on your behalf with the intent to maintain property values for the entire community. 

Mulch Map 3 zones based on Langsford Bid

Zone 2 - Area in orange represents the portion of the community that will be mulched in 2021.  Only common areas in highly visible places will be mulched.



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